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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flipping Burgers

We weren't sure if we would do a cookout for Memorial Day, but when the skies cleared and dinnertime approached I decided to go ahead. I started a fire in our small barbecue and let it smolder for a while. Eventually all the briquettes turned white and it was ready to go. I started by searing an apple. Grilled apples are good if you just get them warm. Leave them on the fire too long and they turn to mush (yuck). They give me something to snack on while I'm cooking the rest of the food.
I cooked a bunch of hamburger patties, one veggie-chicken (Mandee likes them crispy), and two black bean patties. Then I put the hot dogs on for Xander and William. After we started eating I found that Bob also wanted hot dogs, so I cooked a few more, and then the girls wanted another burger each, so I cooked a few more. I enjoy cooking on the grill.

After dinner it started raining again, but the sun was still out and produced a beautiful rainbow.

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