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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mayfield Utah

Drove my Dad down to Mayfield Tuesday. We went to the funeral of my Dad's cousin, Bud. It was a windy day all over, and there was a lot of dust or something in the air in Provo. After we passed Nephi the air started to clear. In Mayfield the sun was out making a beautiful but still windy day.

I didn't really know Bud or his family. He was my grandmother's sister's son. He was buried with military honors. Three active duty soldiers were at the gravesite. They played taps and then folded the flag and presented it Bud's wife Maryanna, then the American Legion did a three gun salute. I was impressed, this was a very moving ceremony.

The drive home was quiet, and the air just got murkier and murkier the farther north we drove. After I got back home it was cold and snowed a little.

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